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Asbestos Removal in Central & Northern New Jersey

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ABS Environmental Services, LLC is a full-service asbestos removal company specializing in testing, consulting, removal, encapsulation, enclosure, and disposal. ABS can also provide asbestos building surveys and re-insulation of removed asbestos insulation. Let our company help keep your home safe. We are a New Jersey and New York City licensed contractor.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral typically found in building materials like roofing, floors, walls and more. What makes it dangerous is that asbestos can easily break apart into fibers that can cause life-threatening health problems when exposed to it. ABS has a team of highly trained professionals that have the skills and proper equipment needed to safely test, remove, and handle asbestos. We provided a complete range of service including:

Asbestos removal & disposal

It’s important to hire a professionally trained and certified company that can properly remove and handle asbestos. At ABS Environmental Services, LLC, we have the knowledge and proper equipment needed to safely test, remove, and treat your asbestos problem.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos Encapsulation is one of the most cost-effective asbestos management services that offer several benefits including minimal risk of disturbance as well as exposure to the asbestos.

Asbestos building surveys

Let our highly trained and certified asbestos contractors survey your home or business for potential asbestos problems. We specialized in pre-renovation or demolition asbestos consulting services.

Service you can count on

ABS Environmental Services, LLC offers a full range of environmental remediation services. From asbestos testing and removal, indoor air quality testing, mold & bacteria testing and removal, duct cleaning, and more, you can trust that our team will work to make your building or home safer to operate in. Call us today to request a free quote 877-434-6041.